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Love Bites (Vampire Kisses #7)(3)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

Yes. Whats up?

Now Alexanders best friend has invaded the Mansion.

Becky was puzzled. I didnt know he had a best friend.

Neither did I. I sighed.

WowAlexanders so mysterious.


Reclusive, she added.

Tell me about it

Just like a vampire, my best friend said. I think thats why hes the perfect match for you.

You really think so? I asked.

Of course.

A perfect match? Or a vampire?

A perfect match, silly. But if anyone was a vampireAlexander could be one.

You think so? You honestly think so? I prodded.

He is from Romania and has a butler. Come to think of it, Ive only seen him at night, she said, and laughed. And that garlic allergy

But I wasnt laughing.

Did I say something wrong? she asked.

No. In fact, you said something right, I wanted to say. Could I finally bare all the secrets to my best friend? Would she realize this time that her statements were true, instead of laughing at me when I suggested the very same thing? At last Id be able to unleash the truth about Jagger, Luna, Alexanders parents, Onyx and Scarlet from the Coffin Club, and, most important, my boyfriend. The load Id been carrying in silence was too heavy on my temporarily rose-tattooed shoulders.

I weighed my thoughts. If Becky knew Alexanders true identity, then shed surely blab the facts to Matt. I knew he was more tight-lipped than Becky. Guys didnt gossipI didnt even know Alexander had a best friend! But this news was bigger than a footnote to a byline. This was front-page Dullsville Gazette breaking news. Vampires Aliveor UndeadAtop Benson Hill. And if this information did slip out at practice or a game, then Trevor Mitchell would know. Not only would Alexander have to return to Romania, but it would be imperative that he never inhabit Dullsville again.

Whats wrong? Becky asked.

Alexander is a perfect match, I said with a sigh. I was just thinking how I didnt want Sebastian to crowd us.

Thats totally normal. I get bummed when I have to share Matt with the entire soccer team. They talk about the most inane subjects, like ESPN and computer sports games. But I imagine Sebastian and Alexander are different from guys here. Is he an artist, too?

I dont know.

They probably talk about world events, she imagined aloud.

I dont even know what they talk about, I answered, clueless.

Well, whats he like?

He is hottheres no doubt about that. But other than that, I dont know. Hes a total flirt and he likes electricity.

Becky laughed. I think its a good thing. You can find out more about Alexander through him, she said.

She had a point. Sebastian possibly held the key to the Alexander I never knew. For a moment, I lost myself in thought as I lay back on the slide. I imagined a young version of our goateed guest and Alexander having sleepovers in the cemetery, dining with Draculas descendants, or flying in bat form over European cities.

Is he like Alexander? she asked, awaking me from my daydream.

In some ways he isbut Im still not sure.

Well, weve been friends forever and we arent the same. It should be exciting to see what hes all about.

Was Sebastian a real romantic or was he a player? Did he have a menacing streak like Jagger or more noble intentions like my own boyfriend?

I still cant believe that for so many years Trevor and Matt were best friends, Becky said to me, breaking me out of my fantasy. It really turns my stomach. But Im sure Sebastian is not like Trevor.

Lets hope not.

Becky and I were best friends but polar opposites. Were Alexander and his best friend like Matt and Trevor?

I knew one thing for sureI couldnt wait to find out!

Unlike when Alexanders parents arrived in town, Alexander wasnt keeping me a secret from Sebastian. I was invited to the Mansion as usual. Perhaps Sebastians arrival wasnt a bad thing after all. He could show me the side of Alexander Id never known, as Becky suggested. I biked over to the Mansion, hoping to get there just in time for the sun to set.

I happily coasted down a hill and squeezed the brakes as I turned the corner to avoid any oncoming or parked cars. What I didnt anticipate was an obstacle of another kinda pack of runners. I barely avoided smacking into them and veered off into a small band of hedges instead.

Watch where youre going, Monster Girl! I heard a male voice call.

I withdrew my bike from the bush and picked a few leaves off my hoodie.

Trevor stormed over to me, flanked by a few soccer snobs, and held the handlebars of my bike so I couldnt pass.

Where are you off to in such a hurry? His stunning green eyes bore through me. A corpse convention? Even sweaty, Trevor was gorgeous.

What are you running away from? I retorted. Your mirror?

The soccer snobs laughed. Trevors already flushed face reddened like a sunburn.

The Mansion loomed behind Trevor up ahead on Benson Hill, the sun moments from setting.

I suggest you turn back now. Before its too late, he tried to warn as only an adversary could. When darkness falls, the monsters arise.

The monster has already arisen, I said, in his face. And hes standing right in front of me.

Trevors cohorts snickered again.

How about I just take your bike then? He tried to wrestle the handlebars away from me, and for a moment the two of us struggled.

Finally, I released my grip. Be my guest, I relented. Pedal your way back to practice on a girls bike. Im sure it will end up on YouTube.

Trevor thought for a moment as his cohorts tried to hide their chuckles. My nemesis let my bike fall to the ground.

We better get back. Its getting dark, one of the soccer snobs said.

Trevor locked his gaze with mine. His torment was palpable. He owned a portrait Alexander had painted of methe only thing he could own of me. And as I stood before him, he strained with the knowledge that I was the only girl in town that he couldnt haveand perhaps the only one he truly wanted.

Get out of here already, he finally acquiesced. Run off to your little Monster Boy, freak.

I dusted myself off and picked up my bike. Id have felt sorry for Trevor if he didnt bring his own torment on himself. I pushed past my nemesis and the other runners, and we both headed off in opposite directions.

I pedaled through the darkness as fast as possible. I didnt want to miss any precious moments with Alexander and Sebastian. I felt as if I were hauling my bike up a ski hill. Exhausted, I barely had enough strength to bang on the Mansions door. I was still out of breath and perhaps a little disheveled when Jameson let me in.

Good evening, Miss Ravenare you all right? Jameson stood crisp and creepy in his gray butlers uniform.

Yes, I said. Ive never been better.

Are you sure? His voice and expression were kind and sincere.

I guess I appeared worse for the wear. Had there been mirrors in the Mansion, I might have been able check out my appearance. Out of respect for the Mansions inhabitants, I didnt dare open Rubys compact, nestled in my purse. Instead, I just combed my hair with my fingers and tried to straighten my outfit.

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