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Love Bites (Vampire Kisses #7)(14)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

The girl handed the blue bear to Becky. Just as the cashier was about to take the black one, another worker grabbed it.

I sneered. Hey, that was my bear!

Im sure its going to a nice kid, though, Becky said, trying to ease my disappointment.

Just then, we saw it was Trevor holding the black bear.

Kid, yesnice, no, I remarked.

That was our last one, the girl said. They werent very popular, so we stopped ordering them. We have tons of pink ones.

I ought to rip it out of his hand, I told Becky.

Alexander, Sebastian, and Matt were mesmerized watching two men battle it out on Lazer Wars. I didnt want to bother Alexander with my swiped winnings.

Haggling over childrens toys, are we? Trevor said, sidling up to me. So is that Alexanders competition? I guess he hasnt heard of a brush before.

I didnt want this one, the Pradabee whimpered to Trevor, tugging on his Polo. I told you I wanted a pink one.

The Pradabees voice was like black fingernails on a chalkboardand not in a good way.

Trevor glared at me and flung the black bear on the counter as his date retrieved a new plush.

I grabbed the bear, which had landed on its back, and dusted it off.

Youre lucky youre going home with Raven, Becky said to the bear. The alternative would have been disaster.

Matt and Alexander were settling the bill while Becky, Sebastian, and I headed outside. Sebastian engaged Becky in conversation. He fawned over her in a genuine love-struck manner, complimenting her hair and comparing her beauty to that of a famous actress. She was so mesmerized by his attention, she didnt see a small row of bushes in front of her and tripped and fell onto the sidewalk.

Sebastian and I immediately rushed to her side.

Im okay, she said with an embarrassed laugh.

Are you sure? I asked, picking up her bear and handing it to her. Who put that bush there, anyway? I joked.

Becky wiped off a few leaves and raised up her skirt just above her knee to expose a small wound. There was blood.

I shielded her knee and gazed up at Sebastian. He stood, frozen as if now he was the one in a trance.

Its nothing, Becky said. Then she noticed Sebastians odd behavior. Its just a scratch. I hope you arent the kind to faint around blood.

I dont think hes going to faint, I said, watching Sebastian.

Do you have a Band-Aid? she asked me.

I wasnt sure what was in my Corpse Bride bag. I kept my gaze on Sebastian at the same time feeling my way through my purseI recognized a pen, lip gloss, mascara, and loose change. Finally, I pulled out a piece of paper. We can cover it with this. It was an old detention slip.

Thats not sterile. Do you mind checking with the hostess inside?

Sebastian was still fixated on Beckys wound.

Im not leaving you here. I tried to block her from Sebastians sight line. We need a tourniquet. Immediately. I took off my Olivia Outcast hoodie and attempted to tie it around her knee.

Ravenits hardly even a cut!

Before I knew it, Sebastian was crouched down next to Becky. He took her leg and placed her sandaled foot on his knee. Her pink toes sparkled against his black pants like tiny stars. It was like Prince Charming trying to fit the glass slipperonly this Prince Charming was a vampire.

Becky giggled awkwardly, her leg in Sebastians grasp.

Im all right, Becky said. Its just a scratch.

Sebastian examined her wound as a jeweler would a diamond ring.

Why are you two making such a fuss? Becky asked. Before I could do anything, Sebastian took his index finger and wiped her wound.

Ooohthats gross! Becky screeched, closing her eyes.

Droplets hung on his finger like red wine.

His fangs flashed. He reached his finger to his mouth.

I knew what he was about to do next, and though I wanted to see it for myselfa firsthand account of a vampire following his instinctsI knew if Becky saw it we could never undo the damage that would incur.

His finger was about to pass his lips.

No! I exclaimed.

I pushed Sebastian as hard as I could away from Becky, and the two of us tumbled to the ground.

Ravenwhat are you doing? Becky asked.

Sebastian and I lay on the grass, for a moment disoriented. I regained my bearings and rose to my feet to find Sebastian already standing. His pale face was cherry red. I grabbed his hand and held it toward the light. The blood on his finger was gone.

He gazed at me with childish horror, like a toddler who has broken into a candy jar.

Becky took out a crumbled tissue from her pocket and dabbed it on her wound. Then she showed me. See? The blood is gone.

Alexander and Matt suddenly were standing behind us.

Whats going on? Matt asked, concerned.

I shot Alexander a stern glare.

Nothing really. I tripped and skinned my knee, Becky said.

Sebastian was very brave and wiped the blood off with his fingers.

Matt led Becky into her truck while Alexanders contentment slowly turned to anger.

Alexanders best friend was leaning against his car. A wicked grin overcame him as he licked his pale blue lips.

As Sebastian drove toward my house, I tried to mask the severity of the situation by chatting about the upcoming weather forecast. I didnt want to snitch on Sebastianto condone or deny what had just taken placeif only not to spoil Alexanders evening. My boyfriend had been so happy to be out of the Mansion with his best friend by his sidea fellow vampire, a childhood playmate, his next-door neighbor. A guy with whom Alexander could be his true selfno longer having to wear the disguise of a rebellious mortal but instead that of a sensitive vampire. But Alexander was keen to Sebastians ill conduct. The two friends rode in silence.

When we finally parked in front of my house, Sebastian, along with Alexander and I, got out of the car.

Alexander didnt bother to shut his door. He avoided Sebastian altogether and started for my driveway.

Sebastian tapped his boot against his tire in disgust.

He didnt mean to do it, I defended.

Alexander chewed on his lip.

Alexander Sebastian said bravely, confronting his best friend. I dont know what happened. Im truly

Alexander faced his friend. You crossed the line, he said in a tone that couldnt hide his disappointment.

I didnt plan on it. It wasnt like I hurt her. I couldnt help myself; Im not restrainedlike you, he said sincerely.

You cant stay here, Alexander said firmly. His voice was strong, but it couldnt mask how it pained him to say it.

Im sorry, Alexander. I wont go near her again.

Becky didnt see anything, I said. I wasnt sure why I was defending Sebastian. Perhaps it was because the hapless vampire, like me, seemed to get in trouble just by breathing.

Tomorrow night, Alexander started, when you wake up, Jameson will have your things packed.

Sebastian slunk back into the Mustang, and Alexander silently escorted me to my front steps.

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