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Love Bites (Vampire Kisses #7)(13)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

Hooligans was a noisy, technology-driven themed restaurant. The food was normal faresalads, chicken wings, sandwichesbut the selling point was the jumbo-size, high-decibel, flashing-light video, pinball, and dancing games. Some games spit out tickets to use like cash to purchase prizes like bears, bracelets, and pencil toppers. It was quite easy to spend a hundred dollars just trying to win a twenty-cent prize.

Alexander thrived in his quiet hideaways, like the Mansion, Dullsvilles cemetery, and the Coffin Club, under the guise of Phoenix. I was concerned that Hooligans was going to blast him into sensory overload. However, I knew Sebastian would be in gaming heaven.

Sebastian parked his Mustang in an empty space right next to Beckys truck. He wore a spectacularly stylish bloodred blazer.

Alexander glowedhis hair rich-looking, seductively dangling down, his lean body pressed into black jeans and a white T-shirt and finished with a sparkling oversized skull belt buckle.

We arrived at the hostess stand to find a long line and at least a dozen patrons with pagers.

Well be here all night, Sebastian said.

Follow me. I forged through the sea of people and pushed myself right in front of the main hostess.

Were meeting two friends. Im sure they already have a table, I said in my most mature voice, as my parents did when we were meeting their friends for dinner.

You can go ahead and check.

We squeezed our way through the waiting customersscreaming babies, young couples, and corporate parties. I was counting my blessings. So far no Trevor or a soccer snob in sight. I found Becky and Matt at a round table in the corner of the restaurant.

Before any formal introductions could be made, Matt extended his hand to Alexanders best friend. Heyyou must be Sebastian.

But Sebastians focus was instead on Becky, and Alexander nudged his best friend.

Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you.

Sebastian made his way to the empty seat across from Becky, but I snuck in behind him and scooted myself into the chair just as he landed on my lap.

We looked quite the sightas if a ventriloquist had just sat on the dummy.

Heyget off of my girlfriend, Alexander teased, jabbing Sebastian.

We all laughed as Sebastian rose to find that the only empty chair was between Matt and Alexander.

Matt and Sebastian found a common ground talking about computer games. However, in between breaths, Sebastian continued to be fixated on Becky, as if he was trying to seduce her with his gaze. Any normal guy could be a pest, but a vampire? He could be deadly.

I held my menu out, blocking his line of sight, until the waiter finished taking our orders and the menus.

We can all use my points, Matt offered, showing us his Hooligans game card. Lets go.

The gaming area was packedfilled with couples dancing, skiing, shooting, and bowling.

Matt took Beckys hand, Becky took mine, and I took Alexanders. Matt led us through the maze of people while Sebastian followed close behind.

Matt stopped in front of the only unoccupied gamea pinball machine, Nosferatus Nightmare.

Want to play? he asked, challenging Sebastian.

Sure, Sebastian replied. Winner gets the girl.

What girl?

Sebastian gestured to Becky, who turned bone white.

Youre joking! Matt said.

Of course I am. But I knew Sebastian really didnt want to be. He appeared lovelorn for my best friend.

However, Matt and Sebastian played like they were competing for more than a high score on a pinball machine.

I cozied up to Alexander. Are you having fun?


Wouldnt it be cool if Sebastian didnt leave? I asked. I was happy that Alexander had companionshipsomeone his own agein the Mansion.

It would be awesome. Maybe we can convince him to stay a bit longer.

Nosferatus Nightmare was a ghoulish 3-D game. Silver balls shot through winding tubes with neon bats running across them, and squeaky coffin lids opened and closed in attempts to catch the ball.

Open Draculas coffinone thousand points, a monsteresque voice commanded as Sebastian hit the ball over a gravestone.

Becky rested her head against Matt. Sebastian couldnt concentrate and lost the silver ball. He relinquished the controls to Matt and stood next to Becky.

Matt pulled on the lever and clicked the flippers. A graphic of fangs clenched down on a womans neck flashed on the video screen along with the sound of a woman screaming.

Its not really like that, Sebastian said to Becky.

Matt was just as naive as Becky. He, like she, was missing all the obvious signs that another guy had fallen for his girlfriend. And, most important, that the other guy was a vampire.

Matt scored a massive number of points and kept the ball in play like a professional gamer. Even Alexander was engrossed. Matt politely gave the controls to him. Heretry it.

The four of us watched as Alexander clicked the flippers as if hed been doing it his whole life. The ball hammered the bumpers, skyrocketing his score. He got multiball after multiball and racked up points in the millions.

We all cheered as Highest Bloody Scorer came across the screen and the machine lit up with blinking red and white lights.

Alexander seems to be in heaven, Becky said as we moved to another game. I think its great that his best friend is in town. I know its been good for Matt, too. Since he and Trevor stopped being friends, he does seem a bit lonely. Now he has two new ones.

Two Jet Ski simulators opened just as we approached them.

Lets do this! I exclaimed.

Becky and I each hopped on a machine. Matt gestured to Sebastian for him to ride along with Becky as Alexander sat behind me.

Sebastian was tentative as he settled on the ski behind Becky.

Put your arms around my waist, she said, lacing his hands around her. You dont want to fall off.

Matt swiped the card before Sebastian could change his mind.

Suddenly we were off, jetting over waves and avoiding wayward motorboats. I could almost feel the heat from the Miami sun, the ride felt so authentic. I peered back at Sebastian, who was hanging on to Becky for his life.

Slow down! he said as if we were really tearing down choppy waters. Slow down!

Becky let go of her throttle as I passed her and a half dozen computer-generated opponents until we soared through the finish line.

Alexander and I hopped off our Jet Ski, while Sebastian still clung to Becky.

Its over, she said. But Sebastian didnt move.

Want to do it again? Becky asked.

I dont think so.

Need some help? Matt asked.

Instead of being thrilled by the ride and embracing his crush, Sebastian was green. Matt handed him a soda he had just bought. Here, drink this.

For the next several hours the five of us danced, boxed, and jousted our way through Hooligans.

Alexander and the gang hung back at the table while Becky and I counted and cashed in our skeeball earnings tickets. Becky and I each had enough tickets to win a stuffed bearBecky pointed to a sparkling teal blue one, and I spotted a shimmering black bear.

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