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The Hardest Fall
Author: Ella Maise

Chapter One


The first time Zoe Clarke saw me, my hand was wrapped around my dick.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t jerking off. If that had been the case, she might have found it sexy—emphasis on the might since it isn’t a turn-on for every girl, let alone the fact that it would’ve been weird as shit to be caught masturbating in a bathroom at a party.

I wish I could tell you something you’d love to hear, something exciting, like it was love at first sight instead of an unexpected and weird dick sighting at a random college party. Or that it was a romantic setup, like we crashed into each other while running to class on campus, her books flew out of her hands so I dropped to one knee to help her out and when our heads knocked together, we looked into each other’s eyes and the rest was history.

I think you get what I mean, some kind of dreamy movie scene like that, but…fuck no. I know that sounds sweet, and it would melt hearts every time we told people about our meet cute, but, again, that’s a no. On the contrary, like I said in the beginning, the first time my eyes landed on Zoe Clarke and hers landed on my dick, I was in a bathroom, in the middle of taking a piss while chatting with my friend.

“And why did you want to watch me take a piss again?” I asked JP, unsuccessfully trying to understand why I had a spectator.

The corner of his lip tipped up lazily and his gaze dropped low as I unzipped myself. “I see it enough in the locker room, man—haven’t missed it. I was telling you about Isaac, and you’re the one who couldn’t hold it until I finished.” I gave him a side-eyed look as he ignored me and continued. “Man, you should’ve been there. The way Coach laid it on him after you guys left—I’m not sure he’ll come back to practice again. Hell, I’m not sure I wanna go back, and I didn’t do shit.” He paused for a second or two. “You wanna bet a fifty on it? You think he’ll show up?”

I glanced at JP, who was leaning against the wall, eyes closed, face turned toward the ceiling, appearing completely harmless and relaxed. As a rule, JP was never harmless—not on the field, and especially not at a party.

The way Coach had been working us on the field lately, I didn’t think any of the guys wanted to be there, at least not the ones who were sane. But, if you loved the game enough, you handled whatever it threw your way to get where you hoped to get one day. Basically, go big or go home. Always beast mode.

“Not betting. If he wants it enough, he’ll be there.”

Just as the words came out of my mouth, we heard someone open and slam the door. For a brief moment, the blasting music and shouts from the party downstairs drowned everything out. Sure, someone barging in on you wasn’t anything alarming since it would be stupid to expect any kind of privacy at a college party. But when I looked over my shoulder to see who wasn’t patient enough to wait a few minutes, I saw it was a girl hugging the door and did a double take.

“Be cool. Be cool. This is nothing. Easy peasy. I’m never making new friends again. You can do this, just open your eyes and turn around, dammit.”

The brunette still had her back to us, her head resting on the door as she muttered to herself.

Frozen on the spot, JP and I glanced at each other; he shrugged, and I watched his lips stretch into a slow, cocky smile. He looked like he had just been handed a shiny new toy. Giving me a chin lift with his distinct smirk in place, he pushed himself off the wall and headed for the poor girl.

“You can do anything you put your mind to, baby,” he said, managing to spook her thoroughly.

As soon as JP spoke, she stopped muttering, spun around to face us, and proceeded to do a pretty damn good imitation of a deer caught in headlights.


“You…” JP countered when nothing else came out of her mouth.

As I was getting ready to tuck myself back into my pants, her eyes jumped between JP and me a few times as if she suddenly found herself on the moon and didn’t know exactly how she’d made it up there. Then her eyes dropped down to my hand—which was still very much around my dick. Her gaze flew right back up to my face then dropped back to my hand again.

I could tell she was fighting off a grin because her lips twitched. “Shit! Oh…that’s a…penis—your penis. Shit.” Her voice was barely audible over the muffled music as she repeated her little staring game a few more times and the color gradually drained from her already pale face.

“Do you mind?” I asked, amused by the way her eyes were getting bigger.

“I didn’t…” She started then closed her mouth as she met my gaze. “Your penis…I didn’t mean to…your penis? I just saw your penis. I’m still seeing your penis. I’m looking straight at it, and it’s right the—”

I met JP’s amused gaze and glanced back at the girl. “Don’t tell me it’s your first sighting.” I turned around so I could tug my zipper back up and save the girl from having a full-on breakdown.

There was a loud groan behind me then a thump that sounded a lot like someone repeatedly hitting their forehead against a door; it made me smile.

“I haven’t seen you around before. Freshman, I assume? You’re fascinating, little freshman. Is it my turn now?” JP asked into the silence. “If my friend’s dick makes you stammer like that, I wanna see your reaction when you check out mine. It needs to be said: mine looks a lot more handsome than his—bigger, too—and if you’d like to give it a taste tes—”

The groan got louder and sounded more like a growl. “Don’t even finish that sentence!”

I chuckled.

It should be said that JP wasn’t exactly the smoothest guy on the planet, but apparently that didn’t mean shit to college girls. He was one of those guys who attracted girls no matter what he did or said. Compared to him, I was the opposite—I tried my best not to get distracted by girls. He’d say some crazy shit to them, yet they’d still hang on to his every word. He’d say jump and they’d ask, Which bed? Him being one hell of a running back didn’t hurt his odds of getting laid regularly either.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of girls who’d have loved to get my attention, but early on—around kindergarten—I found out that I’m a one-woman kind of guy. Interestingly, that seems to be another reason girls seem to flock to my side. Trust me, this is not me being vain or pretentious, it just seems to be the way life goes when you’re a football player who has a shot at going pro. It has nothing to do with how I look; frankly, Chris, our starting quarterback, is the pretty boy on the team, not me.

Football players—we’re practically catnip to college girls.

I turned on the tap to wash my hands and glanced at the girl to see her reaction. She still had her back to us, but at least she was no longer banging her head. If JP was about to get his dick out for a show and tell, I was out of there. Whipping out dicks with my teammates for girls was where I drew the line of friendship.

Sending me a quick grin and wink, JP clasped his hands behind his back and leaned down to her ear. “Booo!”

The girl flinched, turned around to face him, and did a little shuffle back when she realized he was standing a lot closer than he had been a few seconds before.

“Thank you for the offer, but I don’t want to see any dicks at all,” she stated, and then she started to back away from him as my friend stalked his new prey.

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