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Gypsy Moon (All The Pretty Monsters #4)(10)
Author: Kristy Cunning

“Was that the knee-me-in-the-bollocks sound you just made?” he asks next to my ear, lips already dragging down my throat. “After you threw yourself before the very worst part of me and gave me your neck? You’re the most frustratingly confusing woman I’ve ever known. I believe this is the truest meaning of mixed signals.”

“I regret the day I invited you into my house without leaving my bedroom off limits,” Vance says idly.

The clinking of ice that follows his words tells me he’s at the small bar.

Arion grins next to my ear as he gently backs away, eyes narrowed and assessing, as that out-of-place smile stays fixed to his face. He has the most unnerving looks that leave me paranoid as hell.

Another harsh exhale spills between my lips when his hands finally drop from me, because he’s the most frustratingly confusing person I’ve ever met.

“Which reminds me, I need to speak with Damien,” I tell him, remembering why I’m pissed at the illusionist.

“I’m first up, love,” Arion says as he starts invading my space again. “I thought the only thing holding you back was your fear. Clearly the fear is absent if you’re willing to turn yourself over to the very darkest part of me. It’s amazing you’re in one piece, so clearly you played submissive very well, Violet. It’s because you were ready for me to save you and overcame your fear of me. Now we can be together.”

When I say nothing and simply stare at him like he’s forever losing his mind more and more when we speak, he frowns like he’s genuinely perplexed.

“Arion, no matter what you did, I couldn’t have endured another second of those cries. And you were at Abby’s mercy while in that state. You ripped my throat out and told me to put on some healing potion so you could sit down and watch the fight.”

Apparently, I guess right, because his pupils widen marginally.

“I held your hand when you finished,” he says like he’s defending himself.

“So you could watch the fight.”

“Vance was focused. It’s been ages since he focused. Thing of beauty while it happens,” he says as if that’s important information.

I gesture between us. “That’s sort of the problem. I feel like the conduit for your feelings for them because you have heterosexual body parts with a homosexual mentality. I’m not sure I’m okay with simply being a conduit,” I carefully explain, causing his eyes to widen a little more, as several muffled sounds of amusement spring from somewhere else in the room.

“I’m sorry, love, but you’ve really lost me,” Arion says very seriously, brow crinkling.

“You want this to be a thing between you and me, even though Idun is returning, because you want them back. It looks like you’re getting that without me, so we can be friends,” I suggest, completely rambling.

I don’t think I’m explaining this very well, since they’re all muffling laughter down the hall. Even Vance makes a choked sound of amusement.

Or they’re just really immature about these things…

That’s definitely possible.

Arion scrubs a hand over his face, as someone struggles to cover a surprise laugh with a cough.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be having this conversation right now. It’s inappropriate to do with an audience,” I babble. “But you’re really intense. And I’ve just survived an apocalyptic wolf storm with your mostly naked beta, whose threads are still in my bra because one set of clothes ended up being enough.”

The look of frustrated confusion on his face doubles.

“I could use a small break before we discuss curses, some really confusing relationship statuses, and the somewhat terrifying woman you’ve all loved rising very soon. And those wolves stole my oranges, so I need to go back and get all of them.”

“I’ve already returned them to your cellar,” Emit says from somewhere behind Arion.

“Then I need to go start using them while they’re useable,” I say as I quickly disentangle myself from Arion and attempt to escape. “I’ll return the shirt.”

“Keep it,” he says quietly from behind me, as I finally take in the other three all standing somewhat close together, smirking at me.

“I’ll drive you home,” Damien says with a slow grin.

“I’m not talking to you, and if you’re a smart man, you’ll figure out why,” I state firmly. “Only when you figure it out will we discuss it.”

“I’ll take you—”

“I don’t want to talk to you right now, because I need to get my cool back,” I tell Emit, whose eyes immediately flick away, as his jaw tics.

He’s had multiple opportunities to explain to me why he told Damien I was a monster, and yet didn’t even bother telling me what I was. All this time, I’ve been patiently waiting, refusing to get too angry.

Now…I’m getting sort of freaking angry, because he still hasn’t said one word about it.

“Guess that just leaves me,” Vance says as he puts his hand at the small of my back and starts guiding me out.

I wait until we’re just outside his room, before I have another one of those really weak moments. Seems like they only happen with Vance.

Fortunately, I manage to hold the embarrassing tears at bay as I turn to face him.

“Or I could stay here and actually sleep like I’ve apparently been sleeping next to you. I don’t want the omegas home alone, though, after—”

“They’re currently downstairs, taking up my largest room, because they didn’t know how long you’d be out and wanted to be close. Unfortunately, they found a stash of your gypsy spice and will likely be here for the next twenty-four hours.”

“I told them not to do the ones I made up for you guys after I realized you’re sort of not human,” I say on a weary sigh, causing his lips to struggle with that firm line he usually keeps in place.

“You can take a shower in the room at the end of the hall, while I get rid of the alphas. It’s possibly nicer than my own personal shower.”

Unsure how to be right now, since this feels sort of awkward, I think I curtsy.

Pretty sure that’s why his eyebrows bounce up.

Life would be easier if I knew how to be cool.

“I’m weird. I’d apologize, but I’m really too tired,” I say as I turn around, barely glimpsing his spreading smile, as I quickly walk away and roll my eyes at my own damn self.

I’ll blame it on the exhaustion and blood loss.



“You shared her with Vance on the night she broke your curse,” Arion is snapping to Damien.

“How convenient is it that Vance shows off tonight and suddenly she’s staying here with him?” Damien sulks as he moves away from the door, allowing Vance to shove in.

“Are you implying that she’s drawn to our more killing natures?” Arion asks with far too much intrigue and hope in his eyes.

“She just gave you the ‘let’s be friends’ brush-off, so I’d say it’s highly unlikely that’s the case,” Damien dutifully points out.

My knuckles pop against my fist, as I absently take it all in, not speaking and not really caring what is going on in this moment. Silently stewing, I sit in the chair by the fireplace.

Vance drops to his bed, giving us all a pointed look.

“The poor girl has gone through hell as far as her sheltered, much more innocent mind is concerned. Subtlety takes longer, but in the end, it never fails, so long as my fuck-ups stay minor,” the smug son of a bitch says with a smirk. “At least with you lot to contend with,” he adds in a dry drawl, his lips curving up at one side, as he adjusts the strings on his robe twice.

His focus is steadily dimming; I can tell when I see him tug at both sleeves in a quick, subtle sequence.

“There’s a reason I hate you,” Damien says in an annoyed tone.

“Go be whiny and she’ll like you just fine again. I’m not likely to find out what her problem is with me, unless at least one of you takes mercy and finds out what I’m doing wrong,” Arion gripes.

Even I engage at last, joining Damien and Vance in giving Arion a unanimous, eerily similar, perfected look.

Arion’s eyes dart from each of our faces as he slowly points a finger at us, like he’s counting or some shit.

“That’s the face you all give me when you think I’m being deliberately obtuse about something,” he says warily.

He’s only wary and not arrogant when he’s unsure of himself.

It’s a rarity, and almost enough to make me enjoy this moment of confusion in his corroded mind. But I can’t even muster up enough hatred for him to bother paying true attention much longer.

“I’m going to need the three of you gone before she finishes her shower,” Vance announces with a curt smile. “Give her a break. Someone tend to the issue of her store. Obviously, the omegas won’t be of much help, but Shera’s been invited in, apparently.”

Arion waves him off like loaning out his favorite beta is not a problem, but he’s too frustrated to talk about anything else right this minute.

“She hates me, and all of you seem to know why, but you want me to figure it out on my own. Stop fucking pulling my dick and tell me where I’ve bloody gone wrong. I was doing so well in the beginning,” Arion says like he’s genuinely perplexed when I look away.

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