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Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11)(11)
Author: Charlaine Harris

"I'll be glad to see you," I said. "If you run into any trouble or need to change the date, please let me know."

"Do you really think she'll like them?" Sam asked when we were in the truck and buckled up. We'd reverted to the topic of Jannalynn.

"Sure," I said, surprised. "Why wouldn't she?"

"I can't shake the feeling I'm on the wrong track with Jannalynn," Sam said. "You want to stop and get something to eat at the Ruby Tuesday's on Youree?"

"Sure," I said. "Sam, why do you think that?"

"She likes me," he said. "I mean, I can tell. But she's always thinking about the pack."

"You think maybe she's more focused on Alcide than on you?" That was what I was getting from Sam's head. Maybe I was being too blunt, though. Sam flushed.

"Yeah, maybe," he admitted.

"She's a great enforcer, and she was real excited to get the job," I said. I wondered if that had come out neutral enough.

"She was," he said.

"You seem to like strong women."

He smiled. "I do like strong women, and I'm not afraid of the different ones. Run-of-the-mill just doesn't cut it with me."

I smiled back at him. "I can tell. I don't know what to say about Jannalynn, Sam. She'd be an idiot not to appreciate you. Single, self-supporting, good looking? And you don't even pick your teeth at the table! What's not to love?" I took a deep breath, because I was about to change the subject and I didn't want to offend my boss. "Hey, Sam, about that website you visit? You think you could find out about why I'm feeling more fairy after hanging out with my fairy relatives? I mean, I couldn't actually be changing into more of a fairy, right?"

"I'll see what I can find," Sam said, after a fraught moment. "But let's try asking your bunk buddies. They ought to cough up any information that would help you. Or I could beat it out of them."

He was serious.

"They'll tell me." I sounded more sure of that than I felt.

"Where are they now?" he asked.

"By this time, they've gone to the club," I said, after a glance at my watch. "They get all their business done before the club opens."

"Then that's where we'll go," Sam said. "Kennedy was opening for me today, and you're not on until tonight, right?"

"Right," I said, discarding my plans for the afternoon, which hadn't been very urgent to start with. If we ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, we couldn't reach Monroe until one thirty, but I could make it home in time to change for work. After I'd ordered, I excused myself. While I was in the ladies' room, my cell phone rang. I don't answer my phone while I'm in a bathroom. I wouldn't like to be talking to someone and hear a toilet flush, right? Since the restaurant was noisy, I stepped outside to return the call after a wave at Sam. The number seemed faintly familiar.

"Hey, Sookie," said Remy Savoy. "How you doing?"

"Good. How's my favorite little boy?" Remy had been married to my cousin Hadley, and they'd had a son, Hunter, who would be starting kindergarten in the fall. After Katrina, Remy and Hunter had moved to the little town of Red Ditch, where Remy had gotten a job working at a lumberyard through the good services of a cousin.

"He's doing good. He's trying hard to follow your rules. I wonder if I could ask a favor?"

"Let's hear it," I said.

"I've started dating a lady here name of Erin. We were thinking about going to the bass fishing tournament outside Baton Rouge this weekend. We, ah, we were kind of hoping you could keep Hunter? He gets bored if I fish more than an hour." Hmmm. Remy moved pretty fast. Kristen hadn't been too long ago, and she'd already been replaced. I could kind of see it. Remy was not bad- looking, he was a skilled carpenter, and he had only one child--plus, Hunter's mom was dead, so there weren't any custody issues. Not too shabby a prospect in the town of Red Ditch. "Remy, I'm on the road right now," I said. "Let me call you back in a little while. I gotta check my work schedule."

"Great, thanks a lot, Sookie. Talk to you later."

I went back inside to find that our food had been served.

"That was Hunter's dad calling," I told my boss after the server left. "Remy's got a new girlfriend, and he wanted to know if I could keep Hunter this weekend."

I got the impression that Sam believed Remy was trying to take advantage of me--but Sam also felt he could hardly tell me what to do about it. "If I remember the schedule right, you're working this Saturday night," he pointed out.

And Saturday night was when I made my biggest tips.

I nodded, both to Sam and myself. While we ate, we talked about Terry's negotiations with a breeder of Catahoulas in Ruston. Terry's Annie had gotten out of her pen last time she'd been in heat. This time, Terry had a more planned pregnancy in mind, and the talks between the two men had nearly reached prenup status. A question rose to my mind, and I wasn't quite sure how to phrase it to Sam. My curiosity got the better of me.

"You remember Bob the cat?" I asked.

"Sure. That guy Amelia turned into a cat by accident? Her friend Octavia turned him back."

"Yeah. Well, the thing is, while he was a cat, he was black and white. He was a really cute cat. But Amelia found a female cat in the woods with a litter, and there were some black-and-white kittens among 'em, so she got--okay, I know this is weird--she got pissed off at Bob because she thought he'd, you know, become a dad. Sort of."

"So your question is, is that a common thing?" Sam looked disgusted. "Naw, Sookie. We can't do that, and we don't want to. None of the two- natured. Even if there were a sexual encounter, there wouldn't be a pregnancy. I think Amelia was accusing Bob falsely. On the other hand, he isn't --wasn't--really two-natured. He was completely transformed by magic." Sam shrugged. He looked very embarrassed.

"Sorry," I said, feeling mortified. "That was tacky of me."

"It's a natural thing to wonder about, I guess," Sam said dubiously. "But when I'm in my other skin, I'm not out making puppies."

Now I was horribly embarrassed. "Please, accept my apology," I said.

He relaxed when he saw how uncomfortable I was. He patted me on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it." Then he asked me what plans I had for the attic now that I'd emptied it, and we talked of trivial things until we were back to feeling okay with each other.

I called Remy back when we were on the interstate. "Remy, this weekend won't work for me. Sorry!" I explained that I had to work.

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