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Cryptic Cravings (Vampire Kisses #8)(6)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

"Why would it be bad?" she asked, worried. "Is this about you and Alexander?"

"It might not be bad," I confessed, and it was true, since I didn't ultimately know Jagger's plans. I was just going by his previous history.

"I think it would be easier if you just told me what you are talking about instead of being so cryptic."

"It's not reallya threat, not now anyway," Isaid.

"Iguess you'd have to take the threatening part away. That's the onlywayit would work."

I thought about what Becky said. If some how I made sure that no vampires were invited to the Crypt, other than the ones already inhabiting the vacant mill, then maybe there wouldn't be a threat. I knew Onyx and Scarlet, and so far they didn't seem to take advantage of unsuspecting mortals. If Sebastianliked Luna, Onyxhad her fangs set on Jagger, and we kept a close eye onScarlet's fondness for Trevor, all the vampires would be accounted for.

Perhaps it could be a funplace for Dullsville's highschool students to hang out. Theycould, at last, finally understand what I've beencraving all mylife. Maybe the darkness could make them, too, feel more alive than ever.

And it could be a huge, morbid playpen for me.

"You are a genius," I declared.

"Now are you going to tell me what you are talking about?"

Just then my cell beeped. It was a text from Alexander.

I can't sleep. Thinking of you.

I melted inside, knowing that my boyfriend was lying in his coffin and dreaming of me. And though I loved Alexander's mysteryand old-fashioned style, I was grateful to be a not-so-normal girl witha not-so-normal boyfriend now that we were able to communicate like a normal couple.

I quickly texted back.

Miss you like crazy.

I held the phone out to Beckyproudly. "Alexander," I said.

"I have something to tell you. . ." mybest friend said as we pulled into the entrance to school. "There are rumors aboutAlexander's party. Some people are saying Sebastianbit Luna. Like for real--like a vampire!"

"Why would they say that?" I asked skeptically.

"Someone swore they saw blood and the rumor snowballed. Now some kids are freaked out. They've beentalking about it all week. Iwas kind of afraid to tell you. Ididn't want youto be upset. But it isn't going away."

"So? That's all these people do is talk."

"But Ithink it doesn't reallymatter, since Sebastianand those guys aren't evenhere anymore."

They are still here, I wanted to say. I weighed my thoughts. I wasn't sure if it was time to tell her Sebastian and Jagger were sequestered in the factory, making a second Coffin Club.

"I kind of wish Sebastianhadn't left," she said in a tone that was mostlysaved for a confessional. "Not because I like him--inthat way--but there was something different about him. LikeAlexander and that Jagger guy. Ireally can't put myfinger onit. They're different from the guys here."

Because they are vampires, I wanted to say.

"It must be that Europeancharisma," she finallysaid.

"Yes, that must be it." Ismiled.

Beckypulled into the student parking lot and turned off the truck. "Your birthdayis coming soon," she said excitedly as we got out and headed toward the mainentrance. "What do youwant to do? We could all go to Hatsy's or Hooligans."

"That wasn't what Ireallyhad inmind."

"The cemetery?" she asked nervously.

I smiled again. I hadn't thought much about celebrating my birthday. Ever since I was little, all my parties were duds and the only ones I ever enjoyed were when Becky and I just stayed up all night pigging out on brownies,chips, and super-sugared and hyper-caffeinated sodas and endlessly watching vampire movies.

"Alexander turns eighteenjust before mybirthday. Ithink we should just have one partytogether."

"That sounds awesome! Maybe we canhave it at the Mansion," she suggested.

"Did I hear it's going to be someone's birthday?" a familiar male's voice said from behind me.

I didn't even bother turning around and continued walking, but that didn't stop mynemesis from disturbing me. He jumped in front of me, blocking my way.

"It's been a whole year, has it?" he asked in a syrupytone. "Maybe this birthday I'll finally give you what you've always wanted."

Becky was shocked and blushed. But I wasn't moved.

Trevor was as menacing as he was gorgeous. If he were a vampire, he'd be the dark kind, the kind that sneaks up on innocent girls and bites without a thought. Trevor possessed many of the qualities of a vampire without actually being one. He constantly preyed upon me, was deeply charismatic, and tried to suck the life out of me.

Trevor could have anygirl he wanted--except for me. But for some reason, I'd always beena thorninhis side,maybe one that he never really wanted to get rid of.

"I'll just have to Lysol myself and make sure to get a rabies shot," he said. "Iwon't turnonthe lights. For my protection--not yours." He leaned inso close to me I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me.

"Don't forget to bring your `Dating for Dummies' handbook," I said. "I'm sure you'll need it."

Instead of scowling, his face lit up witha glistening white, devilishsmile. It was as if I'd made his dayand our quick and battling banter were like an aphrodisiac to him. He winked at me before he arrogantly turned away and disappeared into the crowd of students.

Becky appeared weary as we headed to our lockers, but I remained unperturbed.

At the moment, celebrating our birthdays ina joint partyshould have beenthe biggest event inmylife. UsuallyI'd be obsessed with thoughts of decorating the mansion with bat-shaped balloons, dark purple streamers, and a monster-size chocolate cake with tiny coffins.

But Icouldn't think of anything else whenJagger and his friends were secluded inthe vacant mill, designing its transformationinto one of the most cryptic of all clubs. WithAlexander's best friend onlya short distance away from the Mansion, insecret, I knew I wouldn't be able to invite him  or the others. It felt like a stake throughmyheart and made me miserablylonelyfor myboyfriend's sake.

The whole birthday celebration was already ripe with drama.

Chapter 4 - Creeping in the Crypt

I was dying to know more about the plans for the Crypt and Sebastian's sudden love for Luna. I had been hoping he'd be the perfect matchfor either Onyxor Scarlet, but he'd fallenforAlexander's former nemesis's sister. Now Sebastian would be hanging out with Luna and Jagger instead of Alexander and me and even going into business with Jagger. It was all happening too fast--evenfor someone as impulsive as me.

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