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  » Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows #1)

  » The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows #2)

  » Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows #3)

  » A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows #4)

  » For a Few Demons More (The Hollows #5)

  » The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows #6)

  » White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows #7)

  » Black Magic Sanction (The Hollows #8)

  » Pale Demon (The Hollows #9)

  » A Perfect Blood (The Hollows #10)

  » Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond (The Hollows #10.1)

  » Trouble on Reserve (The Hollows #10.5)

  » Ever After (The Hollows #11)

  » The Undead Pool (The Hollows #12)

  » The Witch With No Name (The Hollows #13)

  » Sudden Backtrack (The Hollows #13.1)

  » Once Dead, Twice Shy (Madison Avery Trilogy #1)

About This Author

Kim Harrison is a nom de plume of American author Dawn Cook. Under the name of Harrison, she is best known for her Rachel Morgan urban fantasy series set in an alternate history where a worldwide pandemic caused by genetically modified tomatoes led to the death of a large portion of the world's human population. Under the name of Dawn Cook, she is best known for her Decoy Princess and Truth series, published in the first few years of the 21st century.

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